the moon and the trees and the sun

I  think my posts is about the moon and the tree and the sun

i like it when the moon comes out and the sunset looks so cool .

One thought on “the moon and the trees and the sun

  1. Te Marama by Kelly Joseph

    Tonight I can’t sleep.
    Te Marama
    floods my room
    with silvery light.
    Outside, the moana swells
    high upon the shore
    – ngā tai a Kupe.

    Koro fished and planted
    by the phases of Te Marama.
    Koro told me that she is
    the tamaiti of Rangi,
    sibling of Te Rā and Ngā Whetū.
    Together they make
    a whānau of light.

    Koro always said, “Titiro whakatau! Look carefully!”
    In the atarau, I remember him.

    Te Marama – new, waxing, full, waning, new again.
    Endlessly crossing the sky.

    atarau: moonlight; Koro: Grandad; moana: sea; ngā tai a Kupe: a king tide; high seas (the seas of Kupe); Ngā Whetū: the stars; Rangi (Rangi-nui): the sky father tamaiti: child; Te Marama: the moon; Te Rā: the sun; Titiro whakatau: gaze or watch intently whānau: family.

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